Keynote Speaker

Dieter Kranzlmüller

Management of Large-Scale e-Infrastructures at LRZ

Scientific computing relies heavily on e-Infrastructures as one of the cornerstones of today’s advancements in research. These e-Infrastructures include advanced IT architectures such as supercomputers, grids, clouds, and the networks interconnecting them. In order to deliver high-quality services provided by these systems to the users, adequate IT management is an essential requirement. The Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ) is one of the world’s largest e-Infrastructure providers and strongly devoted to contributing to and utilizing the field of IT Service Management (ITSM). After initiating its ITSM program in 2006, today many of the services provided by the LRZ are ITSM-driven. Processes have been adopted in alignment with ITIL best practices. Learning from “commercial” ITSM, and applying it to academic e-Infrastructures such as grids and clouds has been recognized as an effort that is vital for the sustained success of these developments. This challenge is subject of the EC-funded gSLM project, which is led by LRZ and will be demonstrated in this talk. A major goal of LRZ is complete certification against ISO/IEC 20000-1 in the near future. This follows the believe that IT Service Management is a basic ingredient for delivering the best services to its customers.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dieter Kranzlmüller is full professor of computer science at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) Munich and member of the board of the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ) of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities. He has worked in parallel computing and computer graphics since 1993, with a special focus on parallel programming and debugging, cluster and especially grid computing. He has participated in several national and international research projects, has been acting as reviewer and international expert for several countries and research programs, and has co-authored more than 150 scientific papers in journals, and conference proceedings. At present, he serves as Strategic Director for EGI_DS, the European Grid Initiative Design Study and as Area Director Applications of the Open Grid Forum (OGF). Before his recent move to Munich, he has been deputy head of GUP, the Institute of Graphics and Parallel Processing at the Johannes Kepler University Linz, Project Director of EGI_DS, appointed national representative of Austria in the EU e-Infrastructures Reflection Group (eIRG), and member of the Austrian Grid Executive Board.

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